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Why Opinian?

Opinian is a service site that offers its users numerous possibilities of quality information on products, services and the world that surrounds us. For that very reason Opinian is the ideal place to publish marketing information and spread public knowledge of your brand, product or service. Apart from marketing, Opinian offers a possibility of gathering user attitudes and opinions on your product or service which will help you bring your business to a higher level.

Check out the advertising models we have prepared for you.

Banner advertising

If you want to offer a new product, present a service you provide or simply inform the world about something, banner advertising might be the right thing for you. Opinian displays only three strategically positioned ads on key pages which ensures your ad will be more attractive and focused. If you prefer, we also offer targeted advertising – place your ads only in desired categories, for visitors from specific locations or according to your own preferences.

Banner visibility:
  • to visitors on all pages
  • within a selected category (i.e. Businesses - Restaurants)
  • according to geo-demographic features - depending on the users' state, region, city
  • according to demographic features – depending on the age and sex of users
  • a combination of the above-mentioned criteria
Banner specifications:
  • picture - 110 x 110 pixel max.
  • text under the picture – maximum length of 75 characters

For all of your campaigns you get access to detailed statistics which enable you to monitor their success.

* prices do not include banner creation
** prices in currencies other than HRK are purely informative
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Sponsoring items that represent your business or product is one of the best marketing options and it offers a completely new approach to advertising and communication with the users of your products or services. It allows you to present your business in the best way possible, and increase your influence on the Internet and otherwise.

This marketing model has been devised to assure your placement one step ahead of the competition because it allows you to target your approach to users who seek opinions on exactly those products or services you provide.

It sounds interesting, but why isn't a non-sponsored item good enough for me?

With a non-sponsored item all the content is exclusively created by users. Therefore, all the attributes that describe your business, as well as the main picture, other pictures and their sequence, video clips and their sequence, are the result of user entries and as such do not necessarily represent the item as you, its owner, see fit. It is important to know that non-sponsored items contain ads of other advertisers, as well as your immediate competition.

* image is a just sample and shown products are not connected with Opinian in any way

Your business or product will reach the users even through non-sponsored items, but a lack of quality content, namely attributes, pictures and video clips, may prove vital and discourage a potential buyer. There is also a possibility that other ads will divert the attention of your potential buyer to the competitor’s offer.

What do I get by item sponsoring?

A sponsored item allows you to completely adjust the appearance of the item in the way you find most suitable for your service or product. Placing the main picture, as well as other pictures, attributes and video clips, selecting reviews, ads and other options make your item utterly visible and attractive.

Item sponsoring options:
  • selecting descriptive attributes, pictures, video clips and the featured review which will always appear at the top of the list
  • a space for publishing short news stories and publications related to the item
  • displaying your item in the „featured item“ box
  • your item page shows only your banner (no ads from the competitors)
  • a free ad that is displayed in non-sponsored items within your category
* image is a just sample and shown products are not connected with Opinian in any way

It is important to emphasize the importance of the featured review and the appearance of the item in the 'featured item' box. The featured review is an existing user review which you select to represent your item. It will always appear at the top of all reviews and, thus, immediately give a positive feedback about the item written by one of your users.

* image is a just sample and shown products are not connected with Opinian in any way

The „featured item“ box is displayed on Opinian’s home page and item category pages. This is an excellent marketing method since the „featured item“ functions as a part of the content and emphasizes the importance of its content in a very prominent way.

Great! And how much does it cost?

We have prepared two different models of sponsored items. If you want to make your item more attractive to future clients by selecting the pictures or video clips, and choosing the attributes, with the possibility of communicating with the users as official representative, there is „Opinian“ model and what is the best - it is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Just go to our Opinian business pages, claim your item and you are ready to rock!

For those who want more, there is the „Opinian Plus“ model which enables you to show your business or product to a wider range of users as the featured item, select featured user opinion, and enables your business or product ad to appear in competitors’ item pages and disables competitors’ ads appearing in your item with the result of boosting your advertising activities and improving your business even more.

Features Opinian Opinian Plus
item name changes
item category changes
item address changes
placing locked item pictures
placing locked item video clips
placing locked item attributes that appear on the top of the list
placing item sponsor messages
answering user opinions as official representative
choosing a locked user opinion that appears on the top of the list
item appearance in the „featured item“ box
no other ads within the item, your big banner placed instead of them
a small ad in the same item category
* prices do not include banner creation
** prices in currencies other than HRK are purely informative
26,00 EUR
a month
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